Framed Mirrors
Among our many specialties, we are known for wall mirrors. We have a wide range of sizes, including extremely large, as well as a variety of styles such as contemporary, antique, rustic or handmade. And, we get new mirrors in regularly. Our larger mirrors are favorites among interior decorators, as well as our selection of graphic art, which ranges from traditional, western to contemporary and abstract. Many of our mirrors are made from recycled materials such as antique window or door frames, old ceiling tiles and aged copper roofing material. Other types include rustic wood, traditional mosaics made from bone or tile, embossed silver or heavily carved wood. We encourage customers to consider our custom mirror program as well. We are the go-to store for unique and striking mirrors in Austin, Texas. Here is a partial list of the types of mirrors we have.

More Images

Bedroom MirrorsArt mirrorsAntique MirrorsDecorative MirrorsSmall MirrorsTall MirrorsNautical MirrorsArt Deco MirrorCarved Wooden MirrorFloor Standing MirrorFramed MirrorLarge Antique MirrorLarge Carved Wooden MirrorMetal MirrorsMexican Framed MirrorOrnate Wood MirrorPort Hole MirrorRound Mosaic MirrorRound Wooden MirrorTiled Framed MirrorUnique Metal MirrorsFloor Standing MirrorAntique MirrorWindow Frame MirrorWood Mirror

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